Megan Comfort

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BACKGROUND Healthcare discrimination based on race/ethnicity is associated with decreased healthcare access and utilization among racial/ethnic minority patients. Discrimination based on criminal record may also negatively impact healthcare access and utilization among ex-prisoners. METHODS We conducted a secondary analysis of data from a cross-sectional(More)
The purpose of this descriptive study was to compare the characteristics and treatment outcomes of pregnant cocaine-dependent women and their infants enrolled in residential (N=32) and outpatient (N=32) treatment settings. Biopsychosocial characteristics and issues that influenced the women's multiple treatment outcomes are highlighted. Comparisons of(More)
BACKGROUND Dominant public health and medical discourse has relied on a pharmacocentric conception of heroin use-that is, the notion that heroin users inject compulsively to stave off physical and psychological withdrawal. Previous research disputes this claim suggesting that other patterns of heroin use, such as occasional, recreational, or controlled use(More)
This study examines the correlation and agreement between the calculated 'gestational interval' from the date of last menstrual period (LMP) and the Ballard newborn assessment of gestational maturity. It then investigates selected maternal socio-demographic, prenatal, intrapartum and infant factors which may account for differences between these two(More)
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