Megan B Townsend

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BACKGROUND Chromium(III) is generally thought to be an essential trace element that allows for proper glucose metabolism. However, chromium(III) picolinate, Cr(pic)3, a popular dietary supplement form of chromium, has been shown to be capable of generating hydroxyl radicals and oxidative DNA damage in rats. The cation [Cr3O(O2CCH2CH3)(6(H2O)3]+, Cr3, has(More)
Chromium picolinate, Cr(pic)3, a popular dietary supplement marketed as an aid in fat loss and lean muscle gain, has also been suggested as a therapy for women with gestational diabetes. The current study investigated the effects of maternal exposure to Cr(pic)3 and picolinic acid during gestation and lactation on neurological development of the offspring.(More)
Advocates of Patient-Focused Care (PFC) claim that a win-win resolution to the cost/quality dilemma can be achieved by placing the patient's concerns at the center of planning. With the patient as the central focus, a whole new paradigm of care emerges which links all components of systems redesign work with a common, defining purpose. Before embarking on(More)
Strategies to improve one hospital's work environment have paid off in significantly improved nursing staff satisfaction. Preintervention and postintervention surveys using similar instruments showed gratifying improvements in staff satisfaction with communication with managers, recognition by managers, opportunities for professional growth and development,(More)
A participative approach to nursing reorganization proved very successful in gaining support and acceptance of major structural changes by all affected managers. In this approach, managers developed a new organizational design which better met the Nursing Division's needs while supporting its philosophy and values. Working from the design, the entire(More)