Megan A. Walters

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OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the level of compliance to metformin-prescribing guidelines and to evaluate the effectiveness of 2 pharmacy-based interventions. METHODS Retrospective chart review of all inpatients who had received at least 2 doses of metformin while hospitalized. Two cohorts of patients had chart audits-one group (group A) hospitalized between(More)
This article reports on the use of Simple Pleasures interventions to minimize agitation in hospitalized patients with late-stage dementia. The pilot project was not able to demonstrate statistical significance; however, the positive response to the education and provision of interventions has led to a hospital-wide dissemination of the interventions in the(More)
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the most commonly injured ligament of the knee. The incidence of rupture is reported to be 1/3000, and approximately 100,000 reconstructive surgeries are performed annually in the United States[1-5]. Injury occurs when an excessive tension force is applied to the ligament, commonly due to abrupt twisting and/or(More)
Injury to the ACL is a commonly encountered problem in active individuals. Even partial tears of this intra-articular knee ligament lead to biomechanical deficiencies that impair function and stability. Current options for the treatment of partial ACL tears range from nonoperative, conservative management to multiple surgical options, such as: thermal(More)
As health care reforms continue to improve quality of care, significant emphasis will be placed on evaluation of orthopedic patient outcomes. Total joint arthroplasty (TJA) has a proven track record of enhancing patient quality of life and are easily replicable. The outcomes of these procedures serve as a measure of health care initiative success.(More)
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