Megan A Thompson

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OBJECTIVES This study sought to determine whether diabetes mellitus, in the setting of thrombolysis for acute myocardial infarction, affects 1) early infarct-related artery patency and reocclusion rates; and 2) global and regional ventricular function indexes. We also sought to assess whether angiographic or baseline clinical variables, or both, can account(More)
This phase 2 trial was designed to evaluate ixazomib, an orally bioavailable proteasome inhibitor, in patients with myeloma who have limited prior exposure to bortezomib. Thirty-three patients with relapsed multiple myeloma were enrolled. Ixazomib was given at 5.5 mg weekly for 3 of 4 weeks. Dexamethasone was added for lack of a minor response (MR) by end(More)
BACKGROUND Impairments in component processes of working and episodic memory mark both HIV infection and chronic alcoholism, with compounded deficits often observed in individuals comorbid for these conditions. Remote semantic memory processes, however, have only seldom been studied in these diagnostic groups. Examination of remote semantic memory could(More)
OBJECTIVE The appearance of the vertebral artery (VA) waveform on a pulsed Doppler examination performed during standard carotid duplex ultrasonography (CDU) may suggest vertebrobasilar disease. We sought to determine the radiographic importance of high-resistive (HR) pulsed Doppler VA waveforms seen on CDU. METHODS The Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory(More)
Results are reported of four analyses of the distribution of REM sleep across nights of two subjects who slept for 50 consecutive nights on a regimented, but normal, sleep schedule. We found (a) a strong phase-setting effect of sleep onset on the distribution of REM sleep within nights, (b) no systematic change in the phase of the distribution of REM sleep(More)
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