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BACKGROUND Depression is common and frequently undiagnosed among college students. Social networking sites are popular among college students and can include displayed depression references. The purpose of this study was to evaluate college students' Facebook disclosures that met DSM criteria for a depression symptom or a major depressive episode (MDE). (More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of and associations among displayed risk behavior information that suggests sexual behavior, substance use, and violence in a random sample of the self-reported 18-year-old adolescents' publicly accessible MySpace Web profiles. DESIGN Cross-sectional study using content analysis of Web profiles between July 15 and(More)
BACKGROUND Social networking sites (SNSs) have the potential to increase the reach and efficiency of essential public health services, such as surveillance, research, and communication. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to conduct a systematic literature review to identify the use of SNSs for public health research and practice and to identify(More)
Adolescents frequently display alcohol references on social networking Websites (SNSs). We conducted focus groups to determine adolescents' interpretations of these displayed alcohol references. Regardless of whether displayed alcohol references represent actual use, adolescents typically interpret these references as representing actual use and acknowledge(More)
BACKGROUND Internet peer support groups for depression are becoming popular and could be affected by an increasing number of social network services (SNSs). However, little is known about participant characteristics, social relationships in SNSs, and the reasons for usage. In addition, the effects of SNS participation on people with depression are rather(More)
Internet addiction is a growing concern; however, both a clear understanding of the mechanisms driving problematic behaviors and a gold standard instrument for assessing symptoms are lacking. The purpose of this study was to perform a psychometric analysis of the most widely used screening instrument, the Young Internet Addiction Test (IAT), using a sample(More)
S leep position is an important safety issue for infants younger than 1 year. This is because sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is associated with infants sleeping on their tummies. Sudden infant death syndrome is the leading cause of death for infants younger than 1 year. It most commonly occurs in babies between the ages of 2 and 4 months. Despite more(More)
The objective of this study was to determine associations between displayed depression symptoms on Facebook and self-reported depression symptoms using a clinical screen. Public Facebook profiles of undergraduates from two universities were examined for displayed depression references. Profiles were categorized as depression symptom displayers or(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal was to evaluate, through an American Academy of Pediatrics demonstration project, the effectiveness of a curriculum and train-the-trainer model in changing child care providers' behaviors regarding safe infant sleep practices. METHODS Participating licensed child care centers and family child care homes were assigned randomly to(More)