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on the 7 th and 8 th of March of this year. In addition to the regular reviews of ICTV circumstances and procedures, there were three main items of business. These were taxonomic proposals, the ICTV database and ICTV activities at the coming International Virology Congress. The taxonomic proposals discussed are listed below. Most of these had been available(More)
An adult Buteo was found dead as a road-kill south of Sacramento, California, and was thought to represent the first state record of the eastern Red-shouldered Hawk (B. lineatus lineatus;). It is now a specimen in the Museum of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (WFB 4816) at the University of California, Davis. We examined this specimen and found that many of(More)
Just a few years ago, genomic studies of non-model organisms were extremely time and cost prohibitive, but recent advances in next-generation sequencing have made it possible to generate hundreds to thousands of informative single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for non-model organisms. We generated a SNP panel using restriction site-associated DNA (RAD)(More)
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