Meg Murray

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The implementation of computerized workflow systems to support the collection and dissemination of patient information has been an area of focus in healthcare for many years. This multiple case study is an analysis of the implementation of a commercially available healthcare workflow system in two hospitals settings. The case study protocol uses an(More)
Information security, and particularly, data security, are primary concerns especially as more and more data are shared over mediums such as the Internet and the Web. Traditionally database security focused on user authentication and managing user privileges to database objects. This has proven to be inadequate given the growing number of successful(More)
This poster will present recent enhancements to the Animated Database Courseware (ADbC), formerly called KDC, to help students understand the fundamentals of database concepts and technologies. The software has gone through a major re-structure of the menu system with the redesign of many modules, and the addition of additional modules as well as the(More)
Device interconnectedness in video conferencing, telephony, texting, file-sharing and application handoff has become a critical battleground for tech giants. In this panel, we will distinguish between approaches to device connectivity and application continuity, give an overview of current solutions and share projections for the future of connectivity.(More)
There is a need to extend the breadth and depth of database curricula and to find ways to incorporate newer technologies [1]. One way to address this challenge is through supplementary instructional materials [2]. However, very few supporting materials exist that aid in the teaching of teach database concepts [3,4,5]. This was the motivation for(More)
The information technology quotient is on the rise in every field imaginable – computers and the Internet are everywhere. Essential information technology (IT) competencies are often taken for granted, to the detriment of students who lack computing and Internet skills. A standard set of computer skills that clearly define the IT competent individual has(More)
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