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Politics Close to Home: The Impact of Meso-Level Institutions on Women in Politics
Scholars recognize a worldwide increase in decentralization as well as the prevalence of multilevel governance in Europe. This article examines the advantages and disadvantages that meso-levelExpand
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Masculinized or Marginalized: Decentralization and Women's Status in Regional Polish Institutions
Research on gendered institutions reveals that women often face a dilemma of being masculinized or marginalized. Female politicians downplay gender differences to fit in or risk sanction forExpand
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Fieldwork, Identities, and Intersectionality: Negotiating Gender, Race, Class, Religion, Nationality, and Age in the Research Field Abroad: Editors' Introduction
Political scientists who have conducted research abroad experience excitement as well as great disappointment. Meeting and utilizing the help of knowledgeable, responsive interviewees can beExpand
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Dissatisfied with Decentralisation: Explaining Citizens' Evaluations of Poland's 1999 Health Care Reforms
Abstract Decentralisation of public policy from national to sub-national governments occurs in 80% of developing and transitioning economies worldwide (Manor, 1999), and is advocated by theExpand
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Embodied Researchers: Gendered Bodies, Research Activity, and Pregnancy in the Field
We discuss how physical appearance, endurance, health, and motherhood status present advantages and disadvantages to female political scientists doing fieldwork abroad.
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Crossed my mind, but ruled it out: Political ambition and gender in the Pakistani Lawyers’ Movement 2007–2009
Exploration of gender and political ambition is a crucial endeavor in liberal democracies like the United States and in electoral democracies with unstable political rights and civil liberties. WeExpand
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Environmental Sustainability at the Olympic Games: Comparing Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Games
The modern Olympic Games have evolved from events fostering international peace and goodwill to showcases of athleticism and commercialism. More recently sustainability became a pillar of the GameExpand
Blood is Thicker than Water: Family Ties to Political Power Worldwide
»Blut ist dicker als Wasser. Familienbindungen und weltweite politische Machtbeziehungen«. This article analyzes the relevance of family ties for the recruitment of chief executives presidents orExpand
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The Jig Experiment: Development and Evaluation of a Cultural Dance Active Video Game for Promoting Youth Fitness
We developed a cultural dance active video game (AVG) and tested whether the AVG was equivalent to traditional face-to-face instructor lessons or hybrid instruction at dance mastery, increasing heart rates, and student satisfaction. Expand