Meg Coffin Murray

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Textbook options are expanding and the electronic text is poised to become prevalent in the college classroom. Cost pressures are driving this trend even as the academic value of e-textbooks has yet to be established. Limited research is available that examines the effectiveness of the e-textbook as a learning tool. This paper presents the results of a(More)
Executive Summary Online learning continues to expand at educational institutions around the globe. Educators must better understand how interaction with online course content impacts student engagement and learning. Advances in technology amplify the imperative to gain further insights into how delivery of course materials can enhance and support the(More)
Permutations of traditional and online learning are rapidly advancing along a blended continuum, prompting conjecture that learning and e-learning will soon be indistinguishable. As variations of blended learning evolve, educators worldwide must develop better understanding of how effective interaction with course content impacts engagement and learning.(More)
Computers, digitalization and the Internet have transformed modern society. Commerce, education , communication and socialization will never be the same. Surprisingly, many universities do not require a computing course in the core curriculum. Critical information technology (IT) com-petencies are often taken for granted, to the detriment of students who(More)
Experiential education provides valuable learning opportunities for students in the computing disciplines. Assigning students to work on real-world projects is often seen as a way for students to practice what they have learned in the classroom. While a desirable goal, logistics often make it difficult to provide these types of experiences. However, it is(More)
Information and communication technology literacy is increasingly referred to as the fourth literacy. However, it is neither as well understood nor as readily assessed as reading, writing, and arithmetic. This paper argues that better understanding and more effective measurement of ICT literacy are needed to gauge readiness to both pursue higher education(More)
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