Meg C. Knowles

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Thoracic manifestations of sarcoidosis are well recognized on conventional radiographs. Less well known are the CT appearances of sarcoidosis. This article reviews the spectrum of CT findings in sarcoidosis; highlighting distributions of lymphadenopathy on CT, patterns of parenchymal involvement, and pulmonary complications of sarcoidosis as demonstrated by(More)
The computed tomographic (CT) scans of 55 patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) were reviewed for evidence of pulmonary bullous damage. Although the average age of patients in this series was only 37 years, 42% (23 of 55) had CT evidence of pulmonary bullous changes. In contrast, the frequency of bullous changes detected at CT in a(More)
The advantages of computed tomography for the evaluation of various chest lesions commonly encountered in patients with AIDS are discussed. The significance of limited and extensive lymphadenopathy is considered and examples are presented. Also specifically illustrated are cases of opportunistic pneumocystis, cytomegalovirus, and nocardia pneumonitides and(More)
This 21-month -o ld white female presented to an outside hospi ta l with a l -week history of fever, in te rmi t ten t abdomina l pain, vomit ing, and diarrhea. A firm, n o n t e n d e r mass was palpable to the r ight of the pa t ien t ' s J l t h thoracic vertebra. A b d o m i n a l rad iographs revealed a poster ior soft tissue mass at the T l 1 1 2(More)
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