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Ayurvedic system of medicine is using Berberis aristata and Curcuma longa herbs to treat different diseases including cancer. The study was performed to evaluate the synergetic anticancer activity of Berberine and Curcumin by estimating the inhibition of the cell proliferation by cytotoxicity assay using MTT method on specified human cell lines (A549,(More)
Interferon gamma (IFN-γ) is an important immunoregulatory cytokine that has a central role against viral and bacterial infections. In this study, the cDNA encoding 141 amino acids of mature IFN-γ from mice splenocytes was cloned in a prokaryotic expression vector pQE 30. Optimization of expression conditions resulted in high IFN-γ protein. Western blot(More)
The phylogenetic relationships of 36 locally grown Prunus armeniaca genotypes which are collected from nine sampling sites from two valleys viz. Nubra (9,600 ft) and Leh (11,500 ft) of trans-Himalayan region were analyzed using 31 PCR markers (20 RAPDs and 11 ISSRs). This is the first report of molecular genetic diversity studies in apricot from this region(More)
Field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Station, Perumallapalle during 2008–2009 and 2009–2010 to know the effect of levels of nitrogen on yield and quality of early maturing sugarcane varieties. Four varieties viz., 86V96, 93RR44, 99V30 and 2003V46 were tested under four nitrogen levels viz., 75, 100, 125 and 150% recommended dose of(More)
The field experiment was conducted for 2 years to find out the effect of application of micronutrients on yield and quality of sugarcane in sandy loam soils during 2009 and 2010. The study indicated that all the yield traits viz., NMC, cane length, cane diameter and cane yield were significantly influenced by the application of zinc and Iron. Non(More)
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