Meeree Kim

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Many studies have accompanied the emergence of a great interest in flexible or/and stretchable devices for new applications in wearable and futuristic technology, including human-interface devices, robotic skin, and biometric devices, and in optoelectronic devices. Especially, new nanodimensional materials enable flexibility or stretchability to be brought(More)
Stretchable and/or flexible electrodes and their associated electronic devices have attracted great interest because of their possible applications in high-end technologies such as lightweight, large area, wearable, and biointegrated devices. In particular, metal nanowires and graphene derivatives are chosen for electrodes because they show low resistance(More)
A novel, nanoscale, thickness-controlled, elastic graphene oxide-polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride (GO-PDDA) film using a layer-by-layer technique on silver nanowires and a flexible substrate is reported. Micro- and nanoscale wear and flexibility depending on the thickness and/or elastic nature of the overcoating layer demonstrate high mechanical(More)
A major challenge in the development of electrocatalysts is to determine a detailed catalysis mechanism on a molecular level for enhancing catalytic activity. Here, we present bottom-up studies for an electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) process through molecular activation to systematically control surface catalytic activity corresponding to(More)
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