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Nitrogen-, phosphorus-, and oxygen-based ligands with chiral backbones have been the historic workhorses of asymmetric transition-metal-catalyzed reactions. On the contrary, sulfoxides containing chirality at the sulfur atom have mainly been used as chiral auxiliaries for diastereoselective reactions. Despite several distinct advantages over traditional(More)
Enantiomerically enriched [3.1.0] bicycles containing vicinal quaternary centers were synthesized from [1,6]-enynes using a cyclopentadienylruthenium catalyst containing a tethered chiral sulfoxide. The reaction was complicated by the fact that the substrates contained a racemic propargyl alcohol that could affect the selectivity of the process.(More)
Enzyme-mediated protein modification often requires large amounts of biocatalyst, adding significant costs to the process and limiting industrial applications. Herein, we demonstrate a scalable and straightforward strategy for the efficient capture and recycling of enzymes using a small-molecule affinity tag. A proline variant of an evolved sortase A (SrtA(More)
An atom-economical method for the direct synthesis of [3.1.0]- and [4.1.0]-bicyclic frameworks via Ru-catalyzed redox bicycloisomerization of enynols is reported. The presented results highlight the unique reactivity profile of propargyl alcohols, which function as β-oxocarbene precursors, in the presence of a ruthenium(II) complex. Furthermore, a rare case(More)
The design and synthesis of a novel chiral sulfoxide-ligated cyclopentadienyl ruthenium complex is described. Its utility as an asymmetric variant of [CpRu(MeCN)3]PF6 is demonstrated through its ability to function in the branched-selective asymmetric allylic alkylation of phenols and carboxylic acids. Water has also been shown to act as a competent(More)
A full account of our efforts toward an asymmetric redox bicycloisomerization reaction is presented in this article. Cyclopentadienylruthenium (CpRu) complexes containing tethered chiral sulfoxides were synthesized via an oxidative [3 + 2] cycloaddition reaction between an alkyne and an allylruthenium complex. Sulfoxide complex 1 containing a p-anisole(More)
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