Meera Radhakrishnan

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Mobile games, and especially multiplayer games are a very popular daily distraction for many users. We hypothesise that commuters travelling on public buses or trains would enjoy being able to play multiplayer games with their fellow commuters to alleviate the commute burden and boredom. We present quantitative data to show that the typical one-way commute(More)
Driven by the rapid market growth of sensors and beacons that offer Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based connectivity, this paper empirically investigates the performance characteristics of the BLE interface on multiple Android smartphones, and the consequent impact on a proposed BLE-based service: continuous indoor location. We first use extensive measurement(More)
We espouse a vision of small data-based immersive retail analytics, where a combination of sensor data, from personal wearable-devices and store-deployed sensors & IoT devices, is used to create real-time, individualized services for in-store shoppers. Key challenges include (a) appropriate joint mining of sensor & wearable data to capture a(More)
In this paper, we present <i>LiveLabs</i>, a first-of-its-kind testbed that is deployed across a university campus, convention centre, and resort island and collects real-time attributes such as location, group context etc., from hundreds of opt-in participants. These venues, data, and participants are then made available for running rich <i>human-centric(More)
Growing interest in <i>quantified self</i> has led to the popularity of lifelogging applications. In particular, health and wellness related applications have seen an upsurge with the advent of wearables such as the Fitbit. In this paper, we focus on the <i>quality of sleep</i> that directly impacts the overall wellness of individuals. In particular, in(More)
Teratoma of the orbit is rare; very few cases have been published in literature. A case of orbital teratoma in a neonate is presented where the proptosis was massive enough to obscure the eyeball. Clinically, the diagnosis of teratoma was considered. As there was no possibility of salvaging the eye, exenteration of the orbit was done. Orbital teratomas are(More)
The Android Open Source Project(AOSP) has seen tremendous traction over the past decade, and as such, the bug repository is growing in scale. With this growth, the effort required for project members to triage incoming new reports to identify whether it is a duplicate issue that has already been addressed, or receiving attention, is also on the rise. In(More)
We investigate the possibility of using a combination of a smartphone and a smartwatch, carried by a shopper, to get insights into the shopper's behavior inside a retail store. The proposed IRIS framework uses standard locomotive and gestural micro-activities as building blocks to define novel composite features that help classify different facets of a(More)
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