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The Martian satellite Phobos is criss-crossed by linear grooves and crater chains whose origin is unexplained. Anomalous grooves are relatively young, and crosscut tidally predicted stress fields as Phobos spirals towards Mars. Here we report strong correspondence between these anomalous features and reaccretion patterns of sesquinary ejecta from impacts on(More)
There have been efforts in the recent years to make home videos look more interesting and pleasing to viewers by mixing it with music. Most of the existing software enables the user to add music of his preference. It assumes that the user has enough knowledge about the aesthetic mixing principles. In our research, we propose a way of adding audio to video(More)
" No star is ever lost we once have seen, We always may be what we might have been. " – Adelaide Anne Procter Abstract: As students increasingly make the choice to attend university for their higher education, their lives are forever shaped by their experiences inside and outside of the classroom. My paper aims to determine the state of liberal education in(More)
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