Meera Manahan

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In a 24 x 7 mobile world experiencing a proliferation of handheld devices, battery life can be a limiting factor. In particular, handheld displays consume substantial battery power. One strategy to potentially reduce display battery consumption and support a positive user experience is to adopt emerging display technologies (e.g., OLEDs) that support(More)
The utility of a handheld device is often constrained by the battery life, particularly with recent usage patterns where the device is likely to be powered on at all times. The display component in these devices is a major consumer of battery energy and reducing its energy consumption can significantly enhance its utility. This primary research explores the(More)
In large companies, the processes of user-centered design (UCD)---or as these authors say, "customer-centered design (CCD)"---may be similar across business units, but the content of the work may differ dramatically from one unit to another. Thus, like many other "minority" professions, User Experience and UCD communities struggle with how to balance full(More)
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