Meera K. Joseph

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In this paper, we explore applications of Cloud Computing technologies for effective student engagement in a course at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). We explore how the National Diploma Computer Engineering learners make use of Google Groups and sites as part of the final year subject - Design Project 3. This is a subject which involves projects only(More)
Access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can have dramatic impact on poverty alleviation for rural women and for achieving socio economic development goals. Rural women need to treat ICTs as an empowerment tool and a means to a living. The use of mobile communication devices and internet are changing the way agricultural activities are(More)
Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) are mainly used with transducers to gather changing parameters such as temperature, pressure, velocity, etc. The transducer will convert each parameter to small varying electrical signal which is then sampled and digitized by the DAS before it passes it to the host computer where it is going to be analyzed and / or stored.(More)
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