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In this article we examine earcons, which are audio messages used in the user-computer interface to provide information and feedback to the user about computer entities. (Earcons include messages and functions, as well as states and labels.) We identify some design principles that are common to both visual symbols and auditory messages, and discuss the use(More)
Extensible scientific visualization tools are often offered as data analysis tools. While images may be the goal of visualization, insight is the goal of analysis. Visualization tools often fail to reflect this fact both in functionality and in their user interfaces, which typically focus on graphics and programming concepts rather than on concepts more(More)
1. ABSTRACT In this panel, we describe different techniques and applications of augmenting home and office environments. One application of augmented environments is to provide additional information associated with the environment via visual and / or auditory cues. Other applications assist users hi controlling aspects of their environment. Commercial(More)