Meenu Singh

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Information technology is changing at a rapid rate. It thus provides many benefits for organizations. However, it also causes problems for IT managers and staff. Structured interviews with 16 F professionals at different organizations identified 142 problems resulting from 3 1 unique projects that used 86 new ITS. Nine categories summarized the problems.(More)
Data exchange plays an important role in public healthcare. Having timely access to right data can allow detection of the spread of a disease, assess effectiveness of government schemes, etc. In order to improve policies and provide awareness, various government healthcare schemes are run which generate a huge amount of data. This data is collected by(More)
Availability of healthcare data allows governments to analyze effectiveness of their policies, monitor spread of a disease, etc. Data collection for public healthcare is still a big challenge, especially in developing countries where most of the data collection is still done on paper. Therefore, recently many tools, e.g. ODK, Commcare, have become available(More)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms have been widely deployed in resource-limited settings. These systems tend to afford asynchronous push interactions, and within the context of health, provide medication reminders, descriptions of symptoms and tips on self-management. Here, we present the development of an IVR system for resource-limited settings(More)
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)-based display products have already emerged in the market and their efficiencies and lifetimes are sound at the comparatively low required luminance. To realize OLED for lighting application sooner, higher light quality and better power efficiency at elevated luminance are still demanded. This review reveals the(More)
This paper presents 10-bit, 1.5 MS/s, 2.5V, Low Power Pipeline analog to digital converter using capacitor coupling techniques. A capacitance coupling folded-cascode amplifier effectively saves the power consumption of gain stages of ADC in a 0.25 µm CMOS technology. The ADC also achieves Low power Consumption by the sharing an op-amp between two successive(More)