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The Web Services Choreography Description Language (WSCDL) is an XML [1]-based language that describes peer-topeer collaborations of participants by defining, from a global viewpoint, their common and complementary observable behavior; where ordered message exchanges result in accomplishing a common business goal. The Web Services [2] specifications offer a(More)
BACKGROUND Simulation of periodontal ligament (PDL) using non-linear finite element method (FEM) analysis gives better insight into understanding of the biology of tooth movement. The stresses in the PDL were evaluated for intrusion and lingual root torque using non-linear properties. MATERIALS AND METHODS A three-dimensional (3D) FEM model of the(More)
Fluorine is a highly reactive common element that does not occur in nature in the elemental state. It exists in the form of fluorides and accounts for about 0.3 g/kg of the Earth’s crust. Generally, it is found in the form of a number of minerals like fluorspar, cryolite and fluor-apatite. Fluoride has both positive and negative effects on individual(More)
Wetlands, the transitional zones that occupy an intermediate position between dry land and open water, regulate the flow of water and nutrients, thereby facilitating optimum functioning of the physical and biological cycles of nature. To conserve and manage wetland resources, it is important to invent and monitor wetlands and their adjacent uplands.(More)
The presence of proportionate teeth size in either arch is a must to obtain an ideal occlusion with good alignment, ideal overjet, ideal overbite and Class I molar relationship. The above facts made us think and to know if this proportion between maxillary and mandibular teeth existed in artificial teeth also? Hence, a survey is undertaken to study the(More)
BACKGROUND Optimal orthodontic forces are those which stimulate tooth movement with minimal biological trauma to the tooth, periodontal ligament (PDL) during and alveolar bone. Among various types of tooth movements, extrusion and rotational movements are seen to be associated with the least amount of root resorption and have not been studied in detail. The(More)
Widespread nutrient deficiencies have emerged as the major soil-related constraints, with sulfur (S) being one among them, for sustaining rice–wheat productivity in many parts of the north-western Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) and the Western Himalayan region (WHR). Therefore, soils from different agricultural development blocks (ADBs) of Meerut and Jyotiba(More)
BACKGROUND Orthodontic tooth movement occurs due to various biomechanical changes in the periodontium. Forces within the optimal range yield maximum tooth movement with minimum deleterious effects. Among various types of tooth movements, extrusion and rotational movements are seen to be associated with the least amount of root resorption and have not been(More)
This study was conducted to analyze the impact of fluoride in the anthropogenic condition in an industrial region promoting and affecting the health of the workers. Fluoride is toxic to humans in high concentrations, such as can occur in persons working in fluoride-containing mineral industries like aluminum industries. When workers are exposed to(More)