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OBJECTIVE The severity of cleft lip (CL) varies considerably from complete bilateral CL and palate at one end of the spectrum to a minimal CL at the other. In some cases of microform clefting, there may be no visible manifestation of the defect on the lip surface (i.e., the defect is occult) and no residual functional deficit. This study used high(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the acceptance of midazolam spray through buccal route as compared to intranasal route and compare the efficacy of the drug through both the routes. STUDY DESIGN 30 patients aged 2-8 years with Grade I or II Frankl's Behaviour Rating Scale were selected who required similar treatment under local anesthesia on two teeth. Midazolam(More)
Traumatic injuries to the primary dentition are quite common. When primary teeth are subjected to trauma, force transmission and/or invasion of the underlying tooth germs lying in close proximity can result in a variety of disturbances in the permanent successors. Few of these disturbances include hypoplasia, dilaceration, or alteration in the eruption(More)
Supernumerary tooth may closely resemble the teeth of the group to which it belongs, i.e. molars, premolars or anterior teeth, or it may bear little resemblance in size or shape to which it is associated. Many complications can be associated with supernumeraries, like impaction, delayed eruption or ectopic eruption of adjacent teeth, crowding, development(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Oral health is an essential component of health throughout life. Hardly any information is available on the oral health status of children in Gurgaon. Thus, the present study was conducted among 5-year-old and 12-years-old children in schools in rural Gurgaon. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 1003 children were examined of which 619(More)
PURPOSE Recent evidence has shown that buccal infiltration with articaine alone can be used to anesthetize dental tissues for various dental procedures. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of articaine compared to lidocaine for extraction of primary maxillary molars and assess whether palatal anesthesia could be achieved with buccal(More)
The HIV infected child has increased caloric needs, yet multiple factors interfere with adequate nutritional intake. Nutritional support is needed to maintain optimum nourishment during the symptomatic period, in order to prevent further deterioration of the nutritional status during acute episodes of infection, and to improve the nutritional status during(More)
The objective of this study was to determine if screening by a neurologist of all non-neurologist electroencephalogram (EEG) referrals prior to approval reduces the number of inappropriate requests. This retrospective survey included 600 consecutive EEG requisitions referred to the Anaheim Kaiser Permanente Neurodiagnostic Laboratory to rule out epilepsy.(More)
It is crucial for any clinician to have a thorough knowledge about the normal anatomy of tooth and always be vigilant for any variations to ensure endodontic success. An anatomic variant like additional canals in the palatal root of maxillary molar is not commonly reported. This clinical case report presents the application of cone beam computed tomography(More)
Ectodermal dysplasia (ED) represents a group of inherited conditions characterized by anomalies in two or more structures of ectodermal origin, which can be presented as problems related to hair, nail, teeth, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands. Based on clinical findings, there are two major types of this disorder: (1) Hypohidrotic/anhidrotic and (2)(More)