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Ever since the discovery of the role of bacteriophytochrome (BphP) in inducing carotenoid synthesis in Deinococcus radiodurans in response to light the role of BphPs in other non-photosynthetic bacteria is not clear yet. Azospirillum brasilense, a non-photosynthetic rhizobacterium, harbours a pair of BphPs out of which AbBphP1 is a homolog of AtBphP1 of(More)
BLUF domains are flavin-based photoreceptors which receive the blue light signal and are involved in the sensory transduction. We report a short BLUF photoreceptor (SnfB) in Stenotrophomonas sp. We have investigated photodynamic properties of C terminus truncated and several mutated SnfB proteins. Deletion of the extended C-terminal residues alters the(More)
The photoactivated adenylyl cyclase TpPAC from the spirochete bacterium Turneriella parva was synthesized and the purified recombinant protein was characterized by biochemical and optical spectroscopic methods. TpPAC consists of a BLUF domain (BLUF = Blue Light sensor Using Flavin) and an adenylyl cyclase homology domain (CHD). A light induced cAMP cyclase(More)
The photoactivated adenylyl cyclase from the spirochete bacterium Leptonema illini, abbreviated LiPAC, was synthesized and characterized by absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic methods. LiPAC consists of a BLUF (Blue Light sensor Using Flavin) domain and an adenylyl cyclase homology domain (CHD). Photo-excitation of fully oxidized flavin Flox in LiPAC(More)
Cyclic nucleotide signaling pathway plays a significant role in various biological processes such as cell growth, transcription, inflammation, in microbial pathogenesis, etc. Modulation of cyclic nucleotide levels by optogenetic tools has overcome certain limitations of studying transduction cascade by pharmacological agents and has allowed several ways to(More)
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