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Protection against radiation-induced testicular damage in Swiss albino mice by Mentha piperita (Linn.).
The results of the present study suggest that M. piperita has a significant radioprotective effect and the amount of phenolic compounds, the content of flavonoids and flavonols of M.piperita leaf extract may be held responsible for radiop rotective effect due to their antioxidant and radical scavenging activity. Expand
Medicinally important aromatic plants with radioprotective activity
The present review focuses on a subset of medicinally important aromatic plants with radioprotective activity, mainly exploited for essential oil extraction for applications in industries, for example, in cosmetics, flavoring and fragrance, spices, pesticides, repellents and herbal beverages. Expand
Utilization of cytogenetic biomarkers as a tool for assessment of radiation injury and evaluation of radiomodulatory effects of various medicinal plants – a review
A comprehensive overview of the various agents originating from plant sources that portrayed promising radioprotection in various experimental models with special emphasis on studies that used cytogenetic biomarkers is provided. Expand