Meenakshi Rani

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Sepsis is associated with the failure of the host to develop an effective immune response against invading microorganisms due to immunosuppression of unknown genesis. The consequence is unrestricted spreading of bacteria that may lead to multiorgan failure and death (1). During sepsis, monocytes/macrophages fail to secrete tumor-necrosis factor (TNF) α in(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac dysfunction is a common complication associated with major burns. While recent findings have linked the Th-17 T-cell response to the development of autoimmune myocarditis, the role of IL-17 and the Th-17 T-cell response in the development of post-burn cardiac dysfunction remains unknown. METHODS Male C57BL/6 mice were subjected to a(More)
BACKGROUND Gamma delta T-cells have been shown to be important to the early immunoinflammatory response to injury, independent of infection. This unique T-cell population acts to regulate cell trafficking and the release of cytokines and growth factors. We propose this sterile inflammatory response is in part associated with damage associated molecular(More)
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