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Proteins and peptides are ubiquitous in every cell and thus are vital for various biological functions. In recent years, there is an extensive growth in the development of various biologicals and large molecules like proteins and peptides. Now, they are replacing the market of existing organic based pharmaceuticals. This review article intends to summarize(More)
There are several drug therapies that can be used to treat opiate abuse. One such treatment that is currently gaining wide acceptance is the use of the combined agonist/antagonist drug buprenorphine. As with all long-term treatments, there is a potential for compliance issues to arise, which establishes the need for a technique to facilitate the monitoring(More)
Vancomycin is well known as a prominent member of the glycopeptide class of antibiotics. In this paper, a rapid resolution method using high performance liquid chromatography is employed to identify the presence of Vancomycin. A robust method is established and validated for the simultaneous quantification of glycopeptides antibiotic like Vancomycin and(More)
Oral immunization with vaccines has proven its worth by eradicating several diseases worldwide, yet only few oral vaccines exist in practice. This is because the oral route is plagued with various challenges for successful delivery of vaccines, such as limited absorption and high degradation in the gastrointestinal tract. Tremendous research in the last(More)
Scrub typhus is a public health problem causing severe morbidity and mortality. Clinical picture consist of high grade fever, severe headache, apathy, myalgia and generalised lymphadenopathy. A maculopapular rash may appear first on the trunk and then on extremities. Black eschar may be seen at the site of inoculation.Patients may develop complication like(More)
meenakshikanwar(at) Abstract Over the past several years, treatment of infectious diseases and immunization has undergone a paradigm shift. Stemming from the nanobiotechnology research, not only a large number of disease-specific biologicals have been developed, but also enormous efforts have been made to effectively deliver these biologicals.(More)
Oral and parenteral formulations are challenging to produce therapeutic concentration of flurbiprofen in the joints. This encourages for the development of formulation for long term drug retention in the joint through intra-articular (i. a.) administration. In this study, genipin cross-linked gelatin microspheres of flurbiprofen were prepared for i. a.(More)
OBJECTIVE The influence of menopause on vascular inflammation and systemic bone loss has been documented. The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to assess the periodontal status, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (HsCRP) level, and estrogen level in women with early menopause and women with normal menopause. METHOD AND MATERIALS A total of 103(More)
In this study, genipin cross-linked chitosan microspheres of flurbiprofen for intra-articular (i.a.) delivery were prepared. Emulsion-cross-linking method was used to prepare the microspheres using different concentrations of genipin and drug-to-polymer ratios. The mean particle size was found to be in the range of 5.18-9.74 μm with good % drug entrapment(More)