Meenakshi Choudhary

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While the fertilized egg inherits its nuclear DNA from both parents, the mitochondrial DNA is strictly maternally inherited. Cells contain multiple copies of mtDNA, each of which encodes 37 genes, which are essential for energy production by oxidative phosphorylation. Mutations can be present in all, or only in some copies of mtDNA. If present above a(More)
Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) promise tremendous potential as a developmental and cell therapeutic tool. The combined effort of stimulatory and inhibitory signals regulating gene expression, which drives the tissue differentiation and morphogenetic processes during early embryogenesis, is still very poorly understood. With the scarcity of availability(More)
Recent discussions in this journal have identified the research need for donated eggs, concern for the welfare of the donor, and the ongoing ethical debate about financial compensation (Hyun, 2011; Egli et al., 2011). It is generally acknowledged that there needs to be robust regulatory oversight that takes into account the physical risks incurred by the(More)
Endometrial injury to improve implantation for women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques has attracted a lot of attention recently and has rapidly become incorporated into clinical practice. The aim of this study is, thus, to assess the effectiveness and safety of endometrial injury performed in the cycle preceding assisted reproductive techniques(More)
We wish to clarify the statistical methods used in this Letter. Owing to the limited number of observations, blastocyst quality in Fig. 2d was analysed by pooling grades A and B to compare them with all the other grades combined. This provides a clinically relevant measure and increases the power of the test. In addition, owing to the exploratory nature of(More)
In 2013, the National Health Service Commissioning board centralized the funding in England for up to three cycles of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for couples who have, or are carriers of, a specific genetic disorder. This study presents the historical data of PGD cycles and their clinical outcomes in UK as extrapolated from the national data(More)
The Indian retail industry continues its growth trajectory on to 2011. India has emerged as the hottest retail destination. Most of the organized retailing in India has started recently and is concentrating mainly in metropolitan cities. The growth of Indian organized retail market is mainly due to the change in the consumer behavior. This change has come(More)
Both genotoxic and oncogenic stress activates the nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) and p53 proteins; however, the p53 activity is antagonized by NF-κB signaling. Dmp1 is a Myb-like transcription factor that activates the Arf-p53 pathway. The Dmp1 promoter was activated by a classical NF-κB activator tumor necrosis factor α, but repressed by treatment of cells(More)
Protecting private networks from various attacks is the primary goal of Network managers of a company or office. The attack can be launched either from an insider or outsider. Among these attacks, Denial of service (DoS) attack is most important and has been attracting the interest of researchers. We are providing a lightweight Intrusion Detection and(More)