Meenakshi Chawla

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv escapes host-generated stresses by entering a dormant persistent state. Activation of toxin-antitoxin modules is one of the mechanisms known to trigger such a state with low metabolic activity. M. tuberculosis harbors a large number of TA systems mostly located within discernible genomic islands. We have investigated the(More)
Wheat cultivars with wide introgression have strongly impacted global wheat production. Aegilops geniculata (MgUg) is an important wild relative with several useful traits that can be exploited for wheat improvement. Screening of Ae. geniculata addition lines indicated a negative effect of 1Ug and the positive effect of 1Mg chromosome on wheat dough(More)
Starch and proteins are major components in the wheat endosperm that affect its end product quality. Between the two textural classes of wheat i.e. hard and soft, starch granules are loosely bound with the lipids and proteins in soft wheat due to higher expression of interfering grain softness proteins. It might have impact on starch granules properties. In(More)
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