Meenakshi Chauhan Rana

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We have isolated transmitochondrial cybrids containing a mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b 4-base pair deletion previously identified in a patient with parkinsonism. This presentation is in contrast to that of most patients with cytochrome b mutations, who present with exercise intolerance. Clones containing different levels of the cytochrome b 4-base pair(More)
Membrane microcompartments of the early endosomes serve as a sorting and signaling platform, where receptors are either recycled back to the plasma membrane or forwarded to the lysosome for destruction. In metazoan cells, three complexes, termed BLOC-1 to -3, mediate protein sorting from the early endosome to lysosomes and lysosome-related organelles. We(More)
Transport within the endocytic pathway depends on a consecutive function of the endosomal Rab5 and the late endosomal/lysosomal Rab7 GTPases to promote membrane recycling and fusion in the context of endosomal maturation. We previously identified the hexameric BLOC-1 complex as an effector of the yeast Rab5 Vps21, which also recruits the GTPase-activating(More)
BACKGROUND In patients undergoing head and neck surgery for various pathologic conditions, implants are one of the best restorative options and are increasing widely used. Therefore, we evaluated the success of dental implants in the irradiated jaws of patients following treatment of oral cancer oral cancer treated patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data of(More)
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