Meenakshi Bhatia

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UNLABELLED This study focuses on evaluation of the chitosan methylcellulose interpenetrating polymer network (CS/MC IPN) microspheres intended for mucoadhesive gastroretentive application and the optimization of formulation of cinnarizine-loaded CS/MC IPNs using response surface methodology (RSM). A central composite design (CCD) for two factors at three(More)
Thiol-derivatization of xanthan gum polysaccharide was carried out by esterification with mercaptopropionic acid and thioglycolic acid. Thiol-derivatization was confirmed by Fourier-transformed infra-red spectroscopy. Xanthan-mercaptopropionic acid conjugate and xanthan-thioglycolic acid conjugate were found to possess 432.68mM and 465.02mM of thiol groups(More)
Thiol functionalization of psyllium was carried out to enhance its mucoadhesive potential. Thiolation of psyllium was achieved by esterification with thioglycolic acid. Thiolation was observed to change the surface morphology of psyllium from fibrous to granular and result in a slight increase in the crystallinity and swelling. Thiolated psyllium was found(More)
The objective of present investigation was to optimize the interaction between carboxymethylated psyllium arabinoxylan and chitosan to prepare polyelectrolyte naoparticles for drug delivery applications. Arabinoxylan extracted from psyllium was carboxymethylated by reacting with monochloroacetic acid under alkaline conditions. Carboxymethylation of psyllium(More)
The objective of present study was to prepare composite microbeads of psyllium arabinoxylan and sodium alginate by ionotropic gelation method using calcium chloride as a cross linker and was further evaluated for release study. The effect of concentration of sodium alginate/arabinoxylan and concentration of calcium chloride on the entrapment efficiency and(More)
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