Meenakshee Malik

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Molar absorptivities have been determined for glyoxal and gluteraldehyde in aqueous solution. Absorptivities are reported at eight temperatures in the range 5-70 degrees C for wavelengths greater than 200 nm. For glyoxal the data indicate did less than 0.02% of the glyoxal molecules exist in the free dialdehyde form, and that at 25 degrees C approximately(More)
Nonmodal transient growth studies and estimation of optimal perturbations have been made for the compressible plane Couette flow with three-dimensional disturbances. The steady mean flow is characterized by a non-uniform shear-rate and a varying temperature across the wall-normal direction for an appropriate perfect gas model. The maximum amplification of(More)
We prepared polarization-entangled photon pairs and sent one of the photons through a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The apparatus was arranged so that when going through each arm of the interferometer the pairs were in a different Bell state. The distinguishability of the interferometer paths was determined by projecting the entangled state of the two(More)
For meeting sugar demand and planning for import, export and distribution, it needs prior estimates of its production. During past years, frequent import and occasional export from India has been witnessed. Sugar production depends more on sugarcane production, our forecasts have not met the actual targets achieved. The prediction model developed for(More)
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