Meena S Murthy

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We have developed a surgical model to perform partial nephrectomy in mice using the milliwatt CO2 laser and have used this model for studying the influence of the sequel of surgery on experimental tumor metastasis. Strain A mice were subjected to partial nephrectomy using the milliwatt CO2 laser. The surgical procedure was time efficient, the blood loss was(More)
Thomsen-Friedenreich (T) antigenic specificity as determined with human serum anti-T was found in reactive form in breast adenocarcinomata but not in healthy and generally not in benign breast tissues. T-antigenic specificity was demonstrable in all metastatic breast carcinoma lesions. T specificity was also present in adeno- and squamous cell carcinomata(More)
Blood group NM specificities occur in healthy, benign and carcinomatous breast glands and those of the gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract, but the precursors in their biosynthesis, T (Thomsen-Friedenreich) and Tn, are found in adenocarcinomata and not in benign or healthy tissues. T- and Tn-antigenic specificities are thus human carcinoma-associated. All humans(More)
Both normal and neoplastic breast tissues are stimulated by endocrine and paracrine hormones. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated the significant role that hormones, growth factors and cytokines have in the promotion, progression and recurrence of breast cancer. Significant variations in the hormonal environment occur based on age, the cyclical(More)
Eine einmalige intradermale (i.d.) Injektion von T-Antigen menschlicher Erythrozyten (Blutgruppe 0) in die Außenseite des Oberarmes resultiert bei Brustkrebspatienten in einer verzögerten Überempfindlichkeitsreaktion vom Tuberkulintyp (DTH). Es ist erforderlich, gleichzeitig 6–8 cm von der T-Antigen-Injektionsstelle entfernt eine gleiche Menge MN Antigen,(More)
Intravascular bronchiolo-alveolar tumor (IVBAT) is a rare and highly distinctive pulmonary tumor of disputed cellular nature. Both epithelial and endothelial differentiation of this neoplasm have been suggested. We have studied multiple nodules of IVBATs from three patients by light and electron microscopy and by immunohistochemical methods for Factor(More)
Many women who suffer from breast carcinoma, both at the time of surgery as well as several months later, show a highly significant humoral response to ThomsenFriedenreich (T) antigen when compared with non-carcinomatous control individuals including patients with benign breast disease [1, 2]. We have now found that post-operative breast-carcinoma patients(More)