Meekyoung Kim

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New fluorescent analogues of farnesol and geranylgeraniol have been prepared and then converted to the corresponding pyrophosphates. These analogues incorporate anthranylate or dansyl-like groups anchored to the terpenoid skeleton through amine bonds that would be expected to be relatively stable to metabolism. After addition of the alcohols or the(More)
Tripeptides derived from 5-chloroanthraquinone hydrazide and anthraquinone hydrazide have been prepared as potential reagents to probe cellular expression of tripeptidyl protease I (TPP-I). Attempted chemical synthesis of Gly-l-Pro-l-Ala-chloroanthraquinone hydrazide, a compound that had been reported to serve as a substrate for this enzyme, was complicated(More)
Skeleton-driven animation is a widespread technique, which is frequently used in film and video game productions to animate 3D characters. The process of preparing characters for skeletal animation is referred to as character rigging. Commercial applications such as Maya or 3DS Max provide many tool that support this process, including the 'joint tool' and(More)
Knee brace is a sports product or medical equipment that increases the stability in the dynamics of the knee. The proper design of a subject-specific knee brace should take her anatomical characteristics into account since they are influential to the knee dynamics. However, anatomical information is hidden under the skin, and obtaining such information is(More)
Data driven models of human poses and soft-tissue deformations can produce very realistic results, but they only model the visible surface of the human body and cannot create skin deformation due to interactions with the environment. Physical simulations can generalize to external forces, but their parameters are difficult to control. In this paper, we(More)
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