Meeko M. K. Oishi

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Hybrid system theory lies at the intersection of the fields of engineering control theory and computer science verification. It is defined as the modeling, analysis, and control of systems that involve the interaction of both discrete state systems, represented by finite automata, and continuous state dynamics, represented by differential equations. The(More)
Theories about sexual selection can be traced back to Darwin in 1871. He proposed that males fertilize as many females as possible with inexpensive sperm, whereas females, with a limited supply of large eggs, select the genetically highest quality males to endow their offspring with superior capabilities. Since its proposal, problems with this narrative(More)
Amethod for thenumerical computation of reachable sets for hybrid systems is presented andapplied to thedesign and safety analysis of autoland systems. It is shown to be applicable to specific phases of landing: descent, flare, and touchdown. The method is based on optimal control and level set methods; it simultaneously computes a maximal controlled(More)
Modern commercial aircraft have extensive automation which helps the pilot by performing computations, obtaining data, and completing procedural tasks. The pilot display must contain enough information so that the pilot can correctly predict the aircraft’s behavior, while not overloading the pilot with unnecessary information. Human-automation interaction(More)
A human interacting with a hybrid system is often presented, through information displays, with a simplified representation of the underlying system. This interface should not overwhelm the human with unnecessary information, and thus usually contains only a subset of information about the true system model, yet, if properly designed, represents an(More)
We consider feedback linearizable systems subject to bounded control input and nonlinear state constraints. In a single computation, we synthesize 1) parameterized nonlinear controllers based on feedback linearization, and 2) the set of states over which this controller is valid. This is accomplished through a reachability calculation, in which the state is(More)
Parkinson’s disease preferentially affects internally generated movements, e.g., movements recalled from memory, while externally cued movements are relatively preserved. However, l-dopa may have effects on visually guided movements as well as error-related processing. Fourteen Parkinson’s disease (PD) subjects (on and off l-dopa medication) as well as ten(More)
Hybrid systems combine discrete state dynamics which model mode switching, with continuous state dynamics which model physical processes. Hybrid systems can be controlled by affecting both their discrete mode logic and continuous dynamics: in many systems, such as commercial aircraft, these can be controlled both automatically and using manual control. A(More)