Meei-Shiow Lu

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The impact of cancer pain on the quality of life of lung cancer patients is obvious, but the relationship of cancer pain to uncertainty and level of hope in cancer patients is not clear and has been the subject of only a few studies. The purpose of this study is to look at the relationship of pain to uncertainty and hope in Taiwanese lung cancer patients. A(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the learning effectiveness of peer tutored problem-based learning and conventional teaching of nursing ethics in Taiwan. The study adopted an experimental design. The peer tutored problem-based learning method was applied to an experimental group and the conventional teaching method to a control group. The study sample(More)
Mild essential hypertensive patients comprise a large portion of the hypertensive population. Previous reports have shown that moderate-intensity regular exercise training in these patients usually reduces blood pressure. By designing programmed exercise to evaluate whether it is effective in reducing blood pressure in mild hypertensive patients and also(More)
A chronic shortage of working nurses has led hospitals in Taiwan to close wards and reduce bed numbers. Work overload and job stress are major causes of this shortage. The purpose of this study is to propose a solution to improve the nursing workload situation. We reviewed literature articles and conference presentations to synthesize relevant measures,(More)
Nosocomial infection represents an important indicator of healthcare quality and patient safety. Based on the experience gained during the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Taiwan in 2003, we gained greater awareness of the potential threat from patient-hired attendants and outsourced workers as bacteria carriers and transmitters. This(More)
PURPOSE To revise the code of ethics for nurses in Taiwan. DESIGN Citizen consensus conference, Delphi-technique, and questionnaire survey were used in the revising process. METHODS Citizen representatives were recruited for a 5-day citizen consensus conference to develop a first draft of the revised code. Further modification resulted from three rounds(More)
UNLABELLED This research focused on understanding the attitudes toward human cloning in Taiwan among professionals in healthcare, law, and religion. DESIGN The study was conducted utilizing a structured questionnaire. PARTICIPANTS 220 healthcare professionals from two regional hospitals located in Taipei, 351 religious professionals in the northern(More)
BACKGROUND With the rapid advance of genetics, the application of genetic testing has become increasingly popular. Test results have had a tremendous impact on individuals who receive the test and his or her family. The ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genetic testing cannot be overlooked. The Internet is a potential tool for public(More)
Two factors which have a close bearing on nursing education are social and technological change. How nursing education meets social needs and how nursing students are best equipped with professional knowledge, attitudes, and skills in a rapidly changing society have become important issues. The purposes of this paper are to describe the current state of(More)
BACKGROUND Inpatient nursing care satisfaction is an important indicator of medical care quality. However, no reliable and validated tool is currently available in Taiwan to measure the satisfaction of inpatients with nursing care. PURPOSE This pilot study developed a reliable and validated scale for measuring inpatient nursing care satisfaction in(More)