Meei Ju Tsai

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The frequency dependency of the magnitude and phase angle of total respiratory impedance was measured in apneic dogs at functional residual capacity during forced oscillation by a special electronics unit. Regression analysis of these data yielded estimates of total respiratory resistance (RFO), inertance (IFO), and compliance (CFO). After correcting for(More)
The frequency dependence of total respiratory impedance during spontaneous breathing was measured repeatedly in 16 children (3--5 yr old) over a 3-mo period using forced random noise and spectral analysis. Total respiratory resistance, compliance, and inertance, which were calculated fromthe impedance data using regression analysis with a second-order(More)
Phase-change memory (PCM), although promising operative at room temperature, is struggling to achieve ten-year data retention over 100&#x00B0;C. We disclose here that a PCM device made of the composition Ga<sub>25</sub>Te<sub>8</sub>Sb<sub>67</sub> exhibits normal operation at 100&#x00B0;C for an endurance of at least 3 &#x00D7; 10<sup>5</sup> cycles. At(More)
An analytic approach for fractionating total respiratory resistance into central (Rc) and peripheral (Rp) components is presented. In the analysis, linear regression equations relating the logarithm of the measured total resistance to the logarithm of frequency are derived for data spanning the frequency range 1-16 Hz. The computed slope and intercept are(More)
Total respiratory resistance (Rrs) and the fraction of this resistance located peripherally, (Fp) were measured in a group of children (3--5 yr old). The technique used forced random noise to characterize the frequency dependence of effective resistance and an algorithm to compute Rrs and Fp from these data. The overall mean value +/- SD for Fp was 0.534(More)
The accuracy of a noniterative smoothing algorithm without a nonnegativity constraint for estimating continuous Va/Q distributions from inert gas retentions was evaluated. Simulated retention measurements computed from three assumed distributions were processed by the algorithm. Original and recovered distributions were compared with the root-mean-square(More)
Chi-Shie-Shuang-Bu-An-Shen-Tang (CST), a traditional Chinese medicine, has long been used to stabilize one's spirit and treatment of body weakness caused by fatigue. In order to understand whether the CST possess the immunological function and effect of thermal processing on its activities, sterilized (SCST) and nonsterilized CST (NCST) extracts were orally(More)
Spirometric data from 200 patients seen in the pulmonary function laboratory were analyzed retrospectively. Using standard criteria, the spirometric patterns of the subjects were classified as indeterminate, normal, restrictive, or obstructive; obstruction was further classified as mild, moderate, severe, or very severe. A formal feature-extraction(More)