Mee-Hua Wong

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The identity of the casual agent of freckle disease of banana was investigated. The pathogen is generally referred to in literature under its teleomorphic name, Guignardia musae, or that of its purported anamorph, Phyllosticta musarum. Based on morphological and molecular data from a global set of banana specimens, several species were found associated with(More)
Acephate is poorly sorbed to soil, thus the risk of leaching to the aquatic environment is high if it is not quickly degraded. The effect of soil moisture, temperature, microbial activity and application rate on acephate degradation has been studied in three Malaysian soils to examine and identify critical variables determining its degradation and(More)
The insecticide chlorpyrifos is extensively used in the humid tropics for insect control on crops and soils. Chlorpyrifos degradation and mineralization was studied under laboratory conditions to characterize the critical factors controlling the degradation and mineralization in three humid tropical soils from Malaysia. The degradation was fastest in moist(More)
The phosphate analogue phosphite is widely used to control diseases of plants caused by oomycete pathogens such as those within the genus Phytophthora. Phosphite inhibits zoospore production and growth of P. cinnamomi. However, very little is known about the underlying mechanism of action. In the present study, we grew P. cinnamomi in Ribero’s liquid medium(More)
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