Media A. Ayu

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Hajj, an annual Muslim pilgrimage, is one of the pillars of Islam and every able Muslim must perform this act at least once in their lifetime. During the pilgrimage, millions of Muslims from all over the world congregate for religious rituals in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The cases of missing Hajj pilgrims are not uncommon and although several(More)
This paper presents a framework for a smart home which uses wireless nodes infrastructure. The framework is developed based on the aims to build a smart home that can be implemented easily without the hassle of major alteration to current condition of the house. A prototype which built based on the proposed framework is presented as a proof of concept of(More)
This paper discusses about a useful mechanism that has been built to guide the decision makers in how to make decision for certain problem using AHP method. AHP is one of multi-criteria decision making tools that have been used in decision making. This system will provide an accurate and acceptable result based on several criteria and alternatives provided(More)
Internet has become an influential tool to the society nowadays. In addition, the World Wide Web (WWW) technology is an appropriate partner with the internet that brings pleasant facility in order to facilitate people's daily lives. However, recent situation is changing whereby the primary concern is more on developing usable website to ensure user's(More)
Activity recognition refers to the ability of a machine/device to recognize the activity of users. This area of research has attracted many works especially related to the context aware and ubiquitous computing area. Wearable accelerometers have been explored for this activity recognition purpose; however the impracticality of attaching accelerometers to(More)
The main aim of 3D mobile interactive navigation support is to offer end-users easier means of accomplishing basic and complex navigation tasks in a user friendly way. Unfortunately, not until the end-users make use of the end-product or prototype, their needs, preferences, and their true understanding will not be acknowledged. As a result of these(More)
One of the emerging researches in ubiquitous computing area is smart home environment. Smart Home environment is designed to provide the user with minimal interaction towards home appliances such as fan control, light, security monitoring temperature monitoring and wireless electrical switches. However, the communication between base station (central hub)(More)
Context histories, especially when recorded over a long term, offer a wide range of possibilities to enhance the services provided by ubiquitous computing system application. These possibilities include inferring of current and past user location, and selection of devices. However, the prediction of future context based on the recorded past locations is(More)
Audience Response Systems (ARS) are used to achieve active learning in lectures and large group environments by facilitating interaction between the presenter and the audience. However, their use is discouraged by the requirement for specialist infrastructure in the lecture theatre and management of the expensive clickers they use. We improve the ARS by(More)
Multi-User navigation within an environment with the aid of 3D mobile support provides end users with additional mobility thought and improves mobility services' efficiency. A necessary approach of using mobile device for navigation aid is to display only a section of the view-front and to let users control the portion shown by conceptually moving on the(More)