Media A. Ayu

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The main aim of 3D mobile interactive navigation support is to offer end-users easier means of accomplishing basic and complex navigation tasks in a user friendly way. Unfortunately, not until the end-users make use of the end-product or prototype, their needs, preferences, and their true understanding will not be acknowledged. As a result of these(More)
This paper presents a framework for a smart home which uses wireless nodes infrastructure. The framework is developed based on the aims to build a smart home that can be implemented easily without the hassle of major alteration to current condition of the house. A prototype which built based on the proposed framework is presented as a proof of concept of(More)
The aim of navigation aid in general is to provide an optimal route from the current position to the destination. Unfortunately, there are lot of drawbacks from many navigation aids such as giving wrong directions to the destination, and lack of interaction with other users. This paper presents pedestrian positions and pathway determination for the design(More)