Medhi Ebrahimi

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AIM To evaluate the serum levels of anti-tetanus toxin antibodies (anti-TTA) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) and in a control group. METHODS Totally, 100 patients with type 2 DM and 100 age- and sex-matched healthy individuals were enrolled to study. The presence of type 2 DM confirmed according to the clinical and para-clinical criteria(More)
The immunosuppression that occurs after burn injury causes an increase in susceptibility to infection. The aim was to investigate time-related alterations in various cytokines following thermal injury and to modulate cytokines by use of an immunomodulant, cimetidine. Male Balb/c mice were anesthetized and given a 10% total body surface area full-thickness(More)
BACKGROUND The CagA-positive strains of H. pylori were associated with the higher risk of peptic ulcer (PU) diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the serum concentrations of anti-phosphatidylserine (anti-PS) and anti-cardiolipin (anti-CL) antibodies in H. pylori-infected PU patients, H. pylori-infected asymptomatic (AS) carriers, and a healthy(More)
OBJECTIVES H. pylori infection has been associated with some autoimmune disorders. The aim of this study was to evaluate the serum concentrations of rheumatoid factor and anti-nuclear antibodies in H. pylori-infected peptic ulcer patients, H. pylori-infected asymptomatic carriers and a healthy control group. METHODS A Total of 100 H. pylori-infected(More)
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