Medhat Saad Aziz

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The optical absorption of thermally-evaporated tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP), in the UV-vis-NIR region has been studied. The absorption spectra recorded in the UV-vis region for the as-deposited and annealed films showed different absorption bands, namely the Soret, B, at region 360-490 nm, Q-band region consist of four bands in the region 500-720 nm and two(More)
A general layout of the Beni-Mazar area is located between km 735 and km 740 downstream the Old Aswan Dam. This area includes eroding banks, mainly on the west side of the river. A sample problem involves the stability analysis of the River Nile banks will be taken into consideration, considering the Beni-Mazar Reach, where a pilot project was implemented.(More)
Energy crisis, thus the actually experiencing said that where energy is a very important infrastructure of the overall development of any nation. Electric power one from importance sources of energy, there are two main sources for electrical power; thermal power and hydro power. Hydropower in Egypt will be studied in this approach as operation, evaluation(More)
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