Medha Dhurandhar

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Brooks’ Theorem says that if for a graph G, A(G) = n, then G is n-coiourable, unless (1) n = 2 and G has an odd cycle as a component, or (2) n > 2 and K,,+l is a component of G. In this paper we prove that if a graph G has none of some three graphs (K,,3; KS-e and I#) as an induced subgraph and if A( and d(G)<A(G), then x(G)<A(G). Also we give examples to(More)
Purpose Ayurveda advocates a holistic, individualized approach for disease diagnostics/treatment. Taking cognizance of physiological variabilities, Ayurveda devised a subjective method of pulse examination for health index assessment. As per Ayurveda, biological humors ‘TriDosha’ are fundamental psychosomatic principles responsible for health/ diseases(More)
With the evolving evidence of the promise of botanicals/biologics for cancer chemoprevention and treatment, an Indo-U.S. collaborative Workshop focusing on “Accelerating Botanicals Agent Development Research for Cancer Chemoprevention and Treatment” was conducted at the Moffitt Cancer Center, 29–31 May 2012. Funded by the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology(More)
A case of Reiter's syndrome occurring in a young mate aged 20 years having extensive skin lesions of keratoderina blenoffhagica is presented along with a review of literature. Although urethritis was absent, other clinical and histopathological features of the cutaneous lesions led us to the diagnosis. The-possible relationship of postural psoriasis to(More)
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