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The female offender girls, women, and crime
Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Girls' Troubles and "Female Delinquency Trends in Girls' Arrests Boys' Theories and Girls' Lives Criminalizing Girls' Survival: Abuse,Expand
Girls, delinquency, and juvenile justice
Devoted solely to the topic of female delinquency and the treatment of young girls by the juvenile justice system. This text reveals the special problems of delinquent girls by considering the impactExpand
Girls' Crime and Woman's Place: Toward a Feminist Model of Female Delinquency
This article argues that existing delinquency theories are fundamentally inadequate to the task of explaining female delinquency and official reactions to girls' deviance. To establish this, theExpand
Invisible punishment : the collateral consequences of mass imprisonment
We struggled, myself and a brother, two sisters, my mother there, to keep the farm in the family and keep it going. And we barely made a living. So that’s what made me appreciate the job so much,Expand
Patriarchy, Crime, and Justice
Feminist criminology, as an outgrowth of the second wave of feminism, came of age during a period of considerable change and political optimism. As a mature field, it now inhabits a social andExpand
Feminism and criminology
In this essay we sketch core elements of feminist thought and demonstrate their relevance for criminology. After reviewing the early feminist critiques of the discipline and the empirical emphases ofExpand
"Women and Crime": The Female Offender
  • Meda Chesney-Lind
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1 October 1986
Placing the discussion of women's crime and the response it evokes into an explicitly feminist perspective requires use of what will be for some an unfamiliar approach to crime-one that acknowledgesExpand
Women In Prison: Inside the Concrete Womb
Gender Bias and Juvenile Justice Revisited: A Multiyear Analysis
This study presents a multiyear empirical examination of gender bias in the handling of juvenile court cases in Hawaii. Based on prior qualitative and quantitative data, it is hypothesized that onceExpand