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Introduction: Le descellement aseptique constitue la principale complication à long terme et signe la faillite de la prothèse totale de hanche. Les causes de descellement aseptique sont multiples et souvent intriquées. Le mal positionnement des implants reste le facteur le plus incriminé. D'autres facteurs liés au patient et à la prothèse prédisposent(More)
We report the elbow calcific bursitis case of an 11 years old child. The imaging let us notice a lateral peri-articular calcifying and we planned a surgical biopsy. But the tumour spontaneous resolutive development in the clinical aspect and its ray disappearance led to a therapeutic abstention. The set of clinical elements, the imaging and the development(More)
INTRODUCTION Aseptic loosening is the main long-term complication and indicates total hip replacement failure. There are many and often intricate causes for aseptic loosening. Incorrect placement of the implants is the most incriminated factor. Other patient and implant related factors may also predispose to loosening but to various degrees. METHODS We(More)
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