Mechtild Tronnier

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This study aims to shed some light onto the relationship between the degree of hoarseness in children's voices observed at different times during a day in preschool and different aspects of their speech behaviour. Behavioural aspects include speech activity, phonation time, F0 variation, speech intensity and the relationship between speech intensity and(More)
This study addresses the question of whether L1-speakers of Vietnamese – a tone language – and L1-speakers of Somali – a language with tonal accents – differ in degree of accuracy when producing words that carry either of the two tonal accents in L2-Swedish. Some previous studies suggest that it is an advantage when discriminating between different tones in(More)
The present investigation pursues the question whether the perceptual judgement of a child's voice to sound hoarse can be correlated to the degree of non-periodical sections in the signal, based on the lack of regular oscillation of the vocal folds. The results show that this is not the case: children with clearly hoarse voices produce a stable and(More)
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