Mechthild Jensen

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1. The comparison of the tryptic peptides of usual and dibucain-resistent Pseudocholinesterase revealed a different electrophoretic mobility of those peptides which can be labelled with radioactive DFP. The results suggested the loss of a negative charge near the esteratic site of the active center in the variant enzyme. 2. The investigation of quantitative(More)
Frequencies of the dibucaine resistant variant of pseudocholinesterase and of the electrophoretic C5 + component have been investigated in a sample of 992 Finnish Lapps and 317 Finns. Skolt Lapps show distinctly higher values than the other Lapps and Finns of this area. The lowest frequency of the C5 + component has been found in Finns. The frequencies(More)
Oligophrenia, ichthyosis, and spastic di-or tetraplegia are the main symptoms of Sjögren-Larsson syndrome. This syndrome, first described in 1957 by two Swedish psychiatrists, has so far been observed in some 100 cases. Three further cases, observed in one family, are reported. Schwachsinn, Ichthyose der Haut und spastische Di-oder Tetraplegie sind die(More)
Very intense proton sources are being planned at many facilities worldwide. These facilities are based on superconducting radio frequency accelerating structures. The nature of these structures require many power sources with a peak power capability in the 1 MW range with a duty factor on the order of 10%. In the past, the conventional choice for RF power(More)
This article attempts to give a historical account and review of technological developments and innovations in radio frequency (RF) systems for particle accelerators. The evolution from electrostatic field to the use of RF voltage suggested by R. Wideröe made it possible to overcome the shortcomings of electrostatic accelerators, which limited the(More)
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