Mechteld M S Ter Horst

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Scenarios for future use in the pesticide registration procedure in Ethiopia were designed for 3 separate Ethiopian locations, which are aimed to be protective for the whole of Ethiopia. The scenarios estimate concentrations in surface water resulting from agricultural use of pesticides for a small stream and for two types of small ponds. Seven selected(More)
The objectives of the current study were to determine the occupational health hazards posed by the application of pesticides in rice-prawn concurrent systems of south-west Bangladesh and to assess their potential risks for the aquatic ecosystems that support the culture of freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). Information on pesticide use in(More)
The assessment of chemical degradation rates from water-sediment experiments like for instance OECD 308 is challenging due to parallel occurrence of processes like degradation, sorption and diffusive transport, at different rates in water and sediment or at their interface. To systematically and quantitatively analyze this limitation, we generated(More)
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