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In the eastern North Pacific Ocean, the harbor porpoise ranges from Point Barrow, along the Alaska coast, and down the west coast of North America to Point Conception, California (Gaskin 1984). Harbor porpoise primarily frequent coastal waters and in the Gulf of Alaska and Southeast Alaska (Dahlheim et al., 2009), they occur most frequently in waters less(More)
The physical and biological structure of coral reef habitats vary in relation to depth and the profile of the reef, from vertical walls to gentle slopes. The differing roles of depth and reef profile on fish distribution and abundance, and the role of habitat structure in explaining these patterns, have received little attention. Here these effects were(More)
In the 1980s and early 1990s, computers and computer algebra (CA) systems were used to transform how undergraduate calculus was taught and learned. Experiments in using these systems in electrical engineering followed rapidly. However, present day reality in electrical engineering education and signal processing education in particular, suggests that use of(More)
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