Meadow Linder

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OBJECTIVE To test the validity of the Visual Function Index (VF-14) in patients with retinal disease. DESIGN A self-administered questionnaire package in association with clinical examination findings. PARTICIPANTS Consecutive patients attending the Vancouver General Hospital Eye Care Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, retina clinic between May 1 and(More)
This research examines the connection between physical abuse and social isolation. Using data from the National Youth Survey, a measure of self-perceived social isolation was constructed indicating the extent to which respondents feel detached from their friends and from school. Those who had experienced violence were predicted to be more isolated than(More)
Early policies to reduce the amount of toxic waste in the environment focused on cleaning up downstream sources of pollution, such as toxic disposal sites. Public attention in the 1980s encouraged both industry and government to develop an alternative to this command-and-control approach. This article describes the emergence of that alternative-pollution(More)
Attractive characteristics of benzodiazepines are their efficiency in reducing anxiety and nervous tension and their safety as to serious side effects and intoxication. Although not producing tolerance, they can lead to dependence. Withdrawal symptoms may occur after long-term use even of therapeutic doses. Their effectiveness in alleviating many states of(More)
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