Mde F. Bonaldo

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Genomic DNA methylation contributes substantively to transcriptional regulations that underlie mammalian development and cellular differentiation. Much effort has been made to decipher the molecular mechanisms governing the establishment and maintenance of DNA methylation patterns. However, little is known about genome-wide variation of DNA methylation(More)
Electrophoretic analysis of 3H-RNA obtained from the proximal sections of Rhynchosciara salivary glands at two distinct developmental periods, one characterized by the presence and the other by the absence of the giant B-2 DNA puff, revealed that the appearance of a 14S poly(A)+ RNA is correlated with the opening of this puff. That this RNA species is(More)
The HK-1 cell line established from a human large cell lung carcinoma shows a high transformed phenotype and undifferentiated characteristics. This cell line grows as an adherent monolayer in fetal calf serum-supplemented medium, shows a high proliferation index, is able to grow in semi-solid agar and is tumorigenic in athymic nude rats. The cell line HK-2(More)
The distribution of fast, intermediate and slow renaturing fractions ofRhynchosciara americana DNA was examined in the polytene salivary gland chromosomes by in situ hybridization. Heterochromatic areas readily hybridized but hybrid formation in the euchromatin depended more on the repetitiveness of the RNA probe.
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