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Socio-economic status of fishermen of the Padma River in Chapai Nawabganj district, Bangladesh
The present study aimed to assess the socio economic status of fishermen of the Padma River in Chapai Nawabganj district during January to July, 2016 through questionnaire survey method. The socio
Lengths, length-length relationships and condition factor of Indian catfish Gagata cenia (Hamilton, 1822) from the Padma River, Bangladesh
This study described some biological parameters including lengths, length-length relationships and Fulton’s condition factors of Gagata cenia in the Padma River of Bangladesh, based on 1120 specimens
Seasonal Occurence of Food and Feeding Habit of Labeo bata(Hamilton) (Cypriniformes : Cyprinidae)
Food and feeding habits of freshwater minor carp Labeo bata were studied and it was found that the fish is a herbivore, feeding mainly on algae, higher  plant parts, protozoans, insects and unidentified food materials.
Study of Fish Diversity and Livelihood Status of Fishermen in Karatoya River, Panchagarh Region
Background: Fisheries are indispensable part in the livelihoods of the people of Bangladesh. Objective: The study was conducted to investigate the fish diversity and socio-economic profiles of the
Study of Morphometric Characteristics of Freshwater Putul, Botia lohachata in Kompo River of Bagmara, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
The morphometric characteristics of Botia lohachata, collected from the Kompo River at Rajshahi, were studied for a period of four months from July to October 2014 and strongly indicated that the observed sex ratio not differs significantly from the expected ratio.