Md. Zoheb Hassan

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We investigate a constant-power, variable-rate multiple-input multiple-output adaptive subcarrier intensity modulation employing rectangular quadrature amplitude modulation for optical wireless communication over the Gamma-Gamma turbulence channels. The adaptive scheme is implemented by adapting the modulation order according to the received signal-to-noise(More)
In this paper a composite analytical model of DS-CDMA wireless communication system considering multipath Nakagami fading along with Doppler frequency shift, tracking jitter, local oscillator frequency offset and multi-access interference (MAI) for different PN sequences is presented. The analysis presents the development of a novel approach to find the pdf(More)
In this paper a completely new analytical approach to the performance evaluation of turbulence induced fading on free space optical (FSO) CDMA communication system is presented. The current analysis develops an expression of average SINR of FSO CDMA system using switched inversed keyed(SIK) correlator transmitter in presence of turbulence induced fading and(More)
Bit-error rate analysis is investigated for subcarrier intensity modulations employing general order rectangular quadrature amplitude modulation and M-ary phase-shift keying over the K-distributed strong turbulence channels. Bit-error rate expressions are derived using a series expansion of the modified Bessel function of second kind and a moment generating(More)
In this paper an analytical model of a MC-DS-CDMA with TF-domain spreading for wireless communication system with spatial diversity considering channel fading, Doppler shift, multi-access interference (MAI) along with AWGN channel is presented. The analysis presents a novel approach to the development of an analytical expression of signal to interference(More)